Basic Maintenance Car Care tips

For most of us, own a car is a necessity. The get us where we need to go and allow us to move about a city comfortably. However, owning a car does come with some maintenance and driving tips that we should follow in order keep our cars both safe and functional. In addition, aside from basic car care tips, there are certain driving conditions that require us to exercise more care.

Basic Car Care
Have your oil changed regularly. Take your car to have an oil change addison tx as scheduled. This is a simple move that will keep your car running well.  Dirty oil is the nemesis of a healthy car. It's also a good idea to keep your fluid levels topped off and check your wiper blades periodically.

Exercise Caution When Driving in Fog and Poor Weather Conditions
It's hard to see well in foggy conditions. However, there are a few things that you can do to increase your visibility. It may seem that using your high beams would allow you to see better but the opposite is true. Use your low beams to increase visibility in foggy conditions.  Fog is actually water droplets that spread out and reflect light, making it difficult to see well.  Slow down, use your low beams, and remain alert. 

Don't Neglect Your Tires
Check the tread on your tires periodically.  Make sure that your tread is wearing evenly. If the wear is uneven it may be a sign that your car needs servicing. For example, the uneven tread can be an indication that your car needs a front end alignment. However, it may also be symptomatic of other things. If the tread on your tires begins to look bald, replace your tires. Driving with bald tires can be quite dangerous. The tread on your tires helps with braking.

Owning a car makes it easy to do many things. However, cars require care and caution. They must be maintained. Plus, they must be driven by the safety of yourself and others in mind at all times. However, following the recommended care schedule and exercising a few safety tips when driving in poor weather conditions can help keep both you and your car safe and healthy.


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