Three Helpful Tips for Buying a New Trailer

Whether you transport heavy equipment to job sites, drive a race car on the weekends or have a vintage model that you like taking to car shows, you need the right type of trailer for the job. You can purchase trailers from local shops and dealerships, find models for sale online and even have a custom model built specifically for your needs. Before you start shopping though, there are some things to keep in mind and three important things to consider before buying a trailer.

Enclosed vs. Open

Give some thought to the benefits of both enclosed trailers and open trailers. Enclosed trailers are best for vintage and expensive models. These trailers have a door on the front and walls that completely surround the car. You can even use these models to store your vehicle from the rain and sun. Open trailers look more like the trailers found on flat bed trucks. Instead of closing off the vehicle, these trailers have an open design that give you easier access to that car. If you need some protection from the elements, you can use a car cover or tarps.

Overall Design

The basic design that you choose depends on what you will carry on that trailer. A flat bed design comes with a surface that is completely flat. This lets you transport bulldozers and other pieces of machinery that have flat wheels or unique tires. With a flat bed trailer, you may need to use chains or other equipment to keep those vehicles and machines from falling off. Some companies now make trailers that have wheel wells on the top. When you push or drive a car onto the trailer, the wheels sink down into these wells and keep the vehicle from moving.

Other Features

As you look at tagalong trailers and other types of trailers, look at features like how you will transport that trailer and the type of ramp it uses. Many models now come with ramps that you can lift and lower in mere minutes, which makes getting your vehicle onto that trailer easy. Others come with ramps that you need to attach yourself, and some do not come with any ramps. You also need to look for one that you can easily attach to your truck for towing and pulling. Think about all these factors as you look for a new trailer.


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