Three Types of Air Compressor Filters Denver Colorado

Three Types of Air Compressor Filters Denver Colorado

Air compressor filters are essential to the life of your equipment. Without the appropriate filter, your equipment is subject to harmful particles. An inefficient filter means it may be improperly fitted, outdated, or both. An air compressor filter that is properly fitted and has routine maintenance saves your business both time and money. The three types of air compressor filters available are:

Particulate Filters

These are filters used to remove dust and particles from liquids and the air. Diesel particulate filters are especially common for removing particles and soot from the exhaust of diesel engines. Unless you have a single-use filter, which is disposed of when full, it is imperative to maintain the filter. Not only with this keep your equipment running smoothly, but ensures that you pass required emission tests.

Coalescing Filters

These filters function the same as particulate filters with the added function of capturing oil and moisture. With extremely fine mesh holes, the oil and moisture is captured and drips down into the filter bowl. This bowl is drained either manually or with an automatic function. 

Activated Carbon Filters

Also known as activated charcoal, this filter removes odors and vapors. These are frequently used where food is produced or as air purification. While it makes a sufficient filter on its own, it is often chemically treated to enhance its ability.

While cost may be a factor in choosing your air compressor filter, it is important to remember a few key items. The higher quality the filter is the more it filters out. This keeps your machinery working at its optimal level. Quality air filters have a lower pressure-drop as well. This reduces the amount of energy required to run your compressor saving you money. Finally, clogging occurs quicker in low quality filters than in high quality. This leads to costly maintenance or a breakdown of your equipment.

When it comes to purchasing an air compressor filter be sure to do your research. Consider asking yourself the following questions. What type of filter is required for the equipment that you have? What size filter do you need? Does your filter need professional installation? What is the maintenance requirement for the filter? How often should you have it serviced? How long can it last before you are going need to purchase a new one? Purchasing the highest quality filter you can afford saves you time, money, and hassle.


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