As awareness of climate change grows, more people are taking an interest in how they can help protect the environment. If you are interested in being more eco-friendly, you can make a big difference with small changes around the home. These three green approaches are all simple to adopt.  

1. Recycle Old Electronics

If yours is like most modern households, there is a desk drawer somewhere in it that is overflowing with old gadgets. You might have an outdated laptop or non-working TV set laying around, too. These can be recycled instead of put into the landfill. In fact, many municipalities prohibit putting them in the trash. So, gather up your collection of electronics and scrap metal Fort Lauderdale FL and take them to a recycling facility designed to repurpose them. 

2. Compost Kitchen Scraps

While it is difficult to give an exact figure, recent estimates place food waste at about 30% of the total food supply. That is a huge amount of food that could, with a little extra work, be put to use. One simple way to reduce the amount of kitchen waste your household produces is to start a composting system. This turns your trash into a rich, nutrient-dense soil conditioner. Composing systems can range from a pile in the back corner of your yard to one of the high-tech tumblers available for purchase. There are even indoor systems, which are perfect for families who live in apartments. 

3. Shop at Thrift Stores

Consumerism is not good for the environment. Many of the natural resources that are used in manufacturing are not renewable. Then, items that are beyond their useful lives end up in landfills. Break this cycle by embracing second-hand goods found at thrift and consignment stores, through resale websites or even at local yard sales. This is a great approach for clothing, furniture and other home goods. 

Being eco-friendly doesn't have to take a huge amount of work. Small changes like recycling old electronics, reducing purchases of new items and starting a compost system can all have a positive impact. 

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