Many people think of diesel-powered engines as an option that is only used in large trucks, but diesel-powered passenger cars are very common in Europe and other parts of the world. There are a variety of advantages to driving a vehicle with a diesel-powered engine.

1. Fuel Economy

One of the main benefits of diesel engines is their fuel efficiency. Diesel engines generate more power per gallon of fuel than gas-powered equivalents because of their higher compression rating. The fuel economy can be further enhanced by using a turbocharger.

2. Less Maintenance Required

Diesel engines have longer lifespans and require less maintenance than gas-powered engines. The primary reason for this is that diesel engines use compressed hot air to ignite the fuel instead of a spark-style ignition system. The lack of a spark-style ignition system reduces the cost of maintenance and the number of electrical components that can fail. This contributes to the reliability of diesel engines and increases the time between required maintenance. 

3. Reduced Taxes

Many states have road tax laws that are based on CO2 emissions. Because diesel vehicles produce fewer emissions, they usually have lower taxes than gas vehicles.

4. Less Chance of a Fire

Diesel fuel has a higher flashpoint than gas. It is still flammable but is less likely to ignite than gasoline. 

5. Increased Torque

The slow fuel burn and high compression of diesel engines generate more torque than other types of engines. More torque helps vehicles accelerate faster and pull heavier loads. This is why many large trucks have diesel engines. 

Diesel engines may not be an ideal choice for everyone, particularly people who live in cold climates, but they can be a good alternative to gas-powered engines for many people. Consider the benefits diesel engines offer before making your next vehicle purchase. 

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