People can be divided into two groups: those who love the long drives to another state or country, and those who absolutely despise it. One of the biggest reasons some people hate long car trips is the limited space inside that makes the whole trip feel claustrophobic. 

Add to that the mess created by the passengers, the slew of things left unorganized, and the natural elements such as cold and heat, making the interior of your vehicle uncomfortable to sit in, and you have yourself a very hard trip. But there are some accessories designed to make the long trip far more pleasant so that even those who hate sitting inside cars for too long have a little bit more comfort during the trip.

Trunk Organizer

Whether you’re going camping, have a long car journey ahead of you, or are simply commuting to work, there’s no sound more distressing than hearing stuff clanking in the trunk of your car. And if you pull up for a quick roadside car maintenance stop, rummaging through all your belongings in the trunk can be very annoying.

A car trunk organizer is a lifesaver in this regard. No more rummaging, sifting and sorting through the trunk to find the antifreeze or the window brush. The trunk organizer keeps all the items you need in their designated slots, so you don’t have to spend too much time looking for what you need. 

This is especially useful for big trips like camping or a long car journey when your trunk is full of backpacks, suitcases, and a slew of other items. When the organizer keeps your car care essentials in one, convenient spot, you’ll have no trouble finding them when you urgently need them.

Car Cover

If you make a stop for the night, you need to think of ways to protect your vehicle. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the protection from hijackers; the motel or hotel you stop at could guarantee you that, but rather the protection from natural elements. Say you’re on a long trip during the hottest month of the summer and you have no other choice but to leave it out. When you get in to continue your trip, it’s going to be stuffy and scorching inside, making the trip uncomfortable.

On the other side of the weather spectrum, we have cold seasons that can turn your car into a freezer on wheels. Turning on the car heater could help you with that problem, but it will take a while for it to make a difference, especially if you’ve left it outside overnight.

Weather-proof car covers are a great way to avoid such problems. They can easily be stored in the trunk, where they barely take up any space. And you can simply drape them over the exterior of your vehicle the next time you're leaving it parked outside and protect it from extreme weather conditions.

Interior Trash Can

Long car trips are fun, but oftentimes, get super messy, especially if you don’t make many stops. Imagine there are 4 (sometimes more) people sitting in a small space which they can’t leave. From candy wrappers to empty cans of soda, the interior of your vehicle can get pretty dirty. 

So we tend to create these makeshift trash bags, from regular store bought plastic bags and we throw them under one of the seats with hopes that this will keep the interior litter-free. But these bags tend to rip, spill, and often become bothersome as they swim around under the seats.

An interior trash can is one of the best car interior accessories for long trips. These are small trash cans that can be attached to the back of the driver's and front passenger’s seats, allowing anyone in the back to simply throw their rubbish into the cans, keeping the surroundings clean.

This is especially great for children sitting in the back, who love squirming around and would easily spill the rubbish if it was on the floor inside a standard plastic bag. But with these small trash cans, you don’t have to worry about them causing any trouble in the backseats. They can simply throw the trash in the cans, which you can empty out any time you make a stop at a gas station or roadside store.