When you are on the road and get in an accident, will your car insurance pay for the damage? Auto insurance may cover costly repairs after accidents and unexpected damage to your vehicle, but insurance may not pay if your car breaks down. 

What Happens After a Collision?

Collision insurance may pay for repairs to your car if you are in an accident with another vehicle. This coverage often applies if you hit a stationary object, such as a tree or pole. Leased or rented vehicles may require collision insurance for any vehicle that you drive. 

If you are in a car accident with another vehicle where there is damage to one or both vehicles, you should immediately call your insurance company and follow their instructions after the accident.

Can Insurance Cover Other Damage?

Auto insurance may cover other incidents or damage. This can include theft, vandalism, and damage from animals or falling objects. 

Some companies that perform repairs may work with your insurance to pay for any damage. Many companies handle the claims process, working with your insurance to pay for and repair the damage. For instance, when looking for windshield replacement near me, see if they are able to work with your insurance company. If so, you might be able to get other damages covered. 

Will My Insurance Pay if My Car Breaks Down?

Your car insurance is unlikely to cover repairs or part replacements if your car breaks down. In most auto insurance plans, you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. This can include oil changes, tire replacement, brake repairs, and transmission replacement. 

Discussing your auto insurance policy with your agent can help you determine what kinds of coverage you have for your car. Understanding your policy can help you quickly get the repairs you need after an accident.