The time was only contractors, ranchers and farmers bought pickups in the U.S. That profile has changed; today. In one month in 2020 more buyers purchased pickups than they did cars, the first time that ever happened. In recent years, even urban cowboys and do-it-yourself homeowners have concluded that open-bed machines offer needed utility to get jobs done. However, because a new truck can be expensive, buying a preowned vehicle can make sense, if you follow these guidelines for choosing the right-sized pickup.

Plan Bed Needs

Before you begin your research, decide what you will put in the bed of the truck most often. If you do not know what you plan to carry, you may not need a truck. If you have a large structural project planned, estimate the size boards required. The more you can carry without having to extend them out the back trailing an orange marker cloth, the more you will appreciate your choice.

Determine Duty

Nothing will destroy a truck’s suspension and drivetrain faster than hauling or pulling weights it was not designed to handle; in fact, you may find your truck unable to move forward under the wrong load. Do you need light-duty or heavy-duty rig? In many cases, medium-duty will do. The model numbers of trucks listed at Ram for sale Worcester MA can provide points of comparison; do your research to attain specific manufacturer guidelines.

Remember People

If you ever plan to use your pickup to haul people in addition to goods, you need to consider how much cab you need. Cabs come in standard, extended and four-door styles. The latter two can provide either extra seating, increased storage or both.

More than ever, pickup trucks can serve more than one function. Your wallet will take a substantially reduced hit if you purchase a pre-owned model. Whether you choose a low mileage vehicle or drive a new one off the lot, if you take into account all your functional needs your truck should easily pass your personal satisfaction survey.

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