We have known for some time that the new Citroën C4 was scheduled for 2020 and Vincent Cobée, general manager of the brand, has just confirmed the arrival of the compact sedan for this year. He reveals some information about it at the same time.

The manager confirms the rumours circulating about the design of the car, " to make Citroën ...  more human, more innovative, more comfortable ... We will bring, in my opinion, a very different eye on this segment'. The style of the future C4 could be inspired by that of the GS, which Citroën recently reminded us of when we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this model.

Cobée reveals in passing the launch schedule for the next-generation C4, "It will arrive in pre-order taking from June; it will be available from September or October," The official presentation remains scheduled for June.

The Citroen C4 could be based on the PSA group's CMP platform, traditionally dedicated to small vehicles, unlike the current Peugeot 308 based on the EMP2 architecture. A 100% electric version would be offered.

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