Ford is participating in a new collaboration on data sharing between online-connected cars across car brands to increase road safety. The European Commission is behind the large-scale project.

Ford introduced the data-sharing technology in the new Ford Puma. The Local Hazard Information (LHI) technology warns both the driver and other motorists nearby about any safety risks on the route ahead. Local Hazard Information is now included in all newly built Ford cars, including the new Ford Kuga.

The European Commission's new project is called Data for Road Safety and will ensure that car manufacturers participating in the collaboration can identify and share information on road safety risks with each other.

Data for Road Safety collaboration follows a pilot project in which tens of thousands of safety-related traffic information have been exchanged between different vehicles across brands. In addition to Ford, the collaboration includes car brands such as Volvo, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Vehicle data such as the use of front fog lamps, automatic emergency braking or activation of airbags are automatically and anonymously recorded in each vehicle. The information is sent via the FordPass Connect modem to an encrypted Ford server. From here, the data is distributed to the rest of the project's participating car manufacturers through selected SRTI (safety-related traffic information) partners.

All relevant SRTI messages are sent immediately to other vehicles in the vicinity of the potential danger.

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The information can be used to alert emergency services and provide accurate location data in seconds.

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