The name and several details of the new Ford Puma ST Gold Edition were decided in a poll conducted by Ford on Twitter and Instagram. In all, the fans cast more than a quarter of a million votes when choosing the details of the car they liked.

Voting results are ready. Following an innovative design experiment focused on fan choices, Ford unveiled the winning specification for the new Puma ST Gold Edition, which will be available for order later this year.

Ford fans expressed their preferences in about 275,000 votes through a series of polls on the company's Twitter and Instagram channels over 10 days, choosing colour combinations of items, including model paint, stickers and brake callipers - as well as the name of the next limited edition of the Puma ST model.

The first Ford Performance model, with a design chosen by the public, has the following characteristics:

The subject of the vote - The winning option

Exterior colour - Black - 56%

Brake Calipers - Red - 74%

Seat belt stitches - Gray - 87%

Body sticker - Lines - 74%

Logo on the outside - ST logo - 79%

The name of the special model - Puma ST Gold Edition - 59%


The Ford Puma ST Gold Edition features a 200 hp EcoBoost petrol engine and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 6.7 seconds. The car's advanced sports technologies combine Sport, Track and Eco driving modes with a unique optional differential lock, patented springs and unique chassis and steering. Thanks to these advanced technologies, the Puma ST's cornering characteristics are exceptionally good.

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The new Ford Puma ST Gold Edition special model is available in a limited edition. Deliveries of the special model will start towards the end of the year. Ford has already involved customers and fans in the design of the Team Fordzilla P1 concept car, which also included the gaming community with Ford designers and Team Fordzilla, the company's e-sports team.

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