Do you have a newly established business or are you the manager of a car fleet for a delivery company? It doesn't matter, because Peugeot Expert is a viable option for both categories of customers.

Peugeot Expert offers the possibility of carrying three euro pallets and it has a payload of 975 kg. This van offers many advantages to support your business and allows great modularity to make the most of empty seats. This commercial van with the optional Moduwork package offers the possibility of folding the seats to allow the transportation of longer objects. The floor is made of untreated wood or wood covered with non-slip material and aluminium sills.

Peugeot Expert is built on the EMP2 platform. If you do not have enough space inside, you should take into account that the van can tow a trailer of up to two tonnes. It's not bad at all for a van with 95 hp and a torque of 210 Nm.

Technical data:

Engine: L4 turbo diesel

Displacement: 1560 cc

Maximum power: 95 HP

Transmission: front-wheel-drive / 5-speed manual transmission

Volume load: 5.8 m3

Weight: 1660 kg

Payload: 975 kg

CO2 emissions:128 g / km

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As for the price of the Peugeot Expert, I think it will start at 20,000 euros.

The new Peugeot Expert van has been designed to optimise the total cost of use. Peugeot has relied on its expertise to develop quality finishes.

Peugeot Expert also uses the latest brand technology in terms of driver assistance systems.

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