In 2025, Renault will launch 14 new models, including seven electric and seven hybrid versions. At the same time, the new 100% electric Renault 5 will be launched.

The next five years will be busy with the launch of no fewer than 14 new models. Seven of these are in the C / D segment (large cars) and seven out of the 14 cars will be all-electric built on CMF-EV and CMF-B EV dedicated electric car platforms.

The soul of a brand lies in its history, and without looking back Renault presents a completely new prototype. This is the new Renault 5 electric car. With strong design details from the past, fabric roofs, wide screens and a compact exterior, the new technology take the Renault 5 into the future. And unlike the original from 1967- it is the electric car that wins this time.

Renaulution also means continued leadership in Europe when it comes to sustainable transport. Renault already has more than 300,000 electric cars on the roads, with more than 10 years of experience in electric cars and electric mobility.

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As a service brand, Renault must offer the best solutions. Among other things, Renault will introduce My Link from next year - a completely new infotainment system with built-in Google functions. Renault will thus be the first manufacturer to offer Google services for mass-market cars.

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