ZOE is Renault's answer for Zero Emission versatility for all. Notwithstanding being a top of the line decision for ordinary utilization and promptly moderate (from just €15,700) Renault ZOE is the first unadulterated electric auto to be composed starting from the earliest stage thusly. ZOE is pressed with the most recent innovation and brags no less than six world debuts outfitted to upgrading ease of use, extent and network.

Renault ZOE's last outline is being world-debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Planned as an immaculate electric auto starting from the earliest stage, ZOE is a reduced hatchback with smooth, liquid lines. Its deft, element looks express driving delight, while its mark headlights highlight LEDs that for all time light up breaks arranged either side of the front air consumption. Like Twingo and Twizy, ZOE highlights the Renault fresh out of the plastic new's configuration personality.

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