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2014 Mazda

Mazda launched the new Mazda 3 hatchback in several locations around the globe. Hundreds of journalists and bloggers participated in a series of memorable events that took place simultaneously. London, Istanbul and St. Petersburg were chosen ( more

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 05:41


2013 Mazda

"Visual upgrades to the Mazda 3 MPS compliment its strikingly bold design, which boasts a dynamic, aggressive and assertive look, that sets it apart from the rest of the Mazda 3 line-up and encapsulate the 'defy convention' philosophy of our brand," more

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six-speed manual transmission

The 2012 Mazda 3 made its U.S. debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. Face-lifted with a considerably more refined outside and inside, the 2012 Mazda 3 additionally is the first application in North America of Mazda's inventive SKYACTIV more

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2012 Mazda

The Mazda 3 MPS is one of the most powerful frontwheel drive compacts. Besides this strong emotional appeal, state-of-the-art technology and a long list of equipment make Mazda 3 frugal, fun-to-drive and easy to use. It has a powertrain line-up of more