You've had your car for a couple of years now, and so far, everything has gone relatively smoothly. You take it in routinely for oil changes and tire rotations and avoid hitting potholes in the road. So far, so good, right? Absolutely.

However, if your car battery is three years old or more, it would be good to start getting it inspected every year. No one likes to wake up late, rush to get ready for work, and head out the door, only to find that the car won't start!

Read on to learn about some common signs that your battery might need some extra love or possible replacement.

Sometimes Starts, Sometimes Doesn't

If your car easily starts one day but then refuses to do so the next, it could be a battery problem. The place to check is the battery terminals, which are where car batteries Winter Garden FL connect to the car. If they are loose, covered in rust or calcium deposits, or damaged, your vehicle will have a hard time starting. They may need to be cleaned or tightened.

Strange Smells

Batteries can emit a sulfur smell (think rotten egg) after trying to start the car. So if the car isn't starting and you open the hood and smell rotten eggs, you could have a battery leak on your hands.

Won't Turn Over

If you attempt to start the car and all you hear is a click-click-click noise, your battery might not have enough energy to get the car started. This could be due to old age, or problems with the alternator, so taking it in is your best option.

Dimming Lights

If your headlights or overhead lights are starting to dim or fade, check the battery out. This is a classic signal that something could be wrong. Have someone check the battery's voltage output to check if the problem could also be the alternator.