Audi celebrates the anniversary of the A4 by offering a restyling! it can be seen both outside and under the hood.

Released in 1994 and replacing the 80, the Audi A4 has since passed more than 7.5 million copies worldwide, which is undoubtedly a success and continues unabated over the years. Indeed, again last year, it was the best-selling Audi model in the world, with 344,586 units sold.

And it is precisely to continue to survive against the rise of SUV but also to its rivals: the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class.

Audi has not been idle under the hood and almost all of the engines offered win a handful of horses with the transition to the new house nomenclature, with three petrol from 150 to 245 hp and four diesel from 122 to 231 hp. 

The most notable novelty is the arrival of micro hybridization MHEV on all engines unleaded and the two TDI entry-level. It is a 12V system consisting of an alternator starter charged to recover energy at deceleration, store it in a small lithium-ion battery located under the floor of the trunk, before returning it to the acceleration or possible freewheeling phases between 55 and 160 km / h. Audi announces a decrease in consumption of about 0.3 l / 100 km.

The famous all-wheel-drive Quattro, it is mounted automatically on the 45 TFSI of 245 hp and the 45 TDI and left to choose for 40 TDI 190 hp.

Sold at a starting price of € 33,600, just a few hundred euros more than before the restyling, this Audi A4 fifth name revised and corrected continues to be less expensive than its compatriots. It will be necessary to pay a minimum of 38 700 € for a 30 TDI 163 hp S tronic 7, the version which will undoubtedly have the greatest success, while it is necessary to pay at least 41 000 € for a BMW 318 dA 150 hp and 41 900 € for a Mercedes C180d 122 ch 9G-Tronic.

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