Many people spend hours behind the wheel of their vehicle every week as they commute to work and run errands. It can be easy for them to grow complacent and believe that they can multitask while driving. It is important for drivers to resist the urge to look at cellphones or engage passengers while driving to keep everyone safe.

1. Plan Ahead

Most of the time, people know when they will need to get into their vehicle to drive somewhere. They should ensure that they are not sleepy or inebriated before getting behind the wheel. Sleepy or intoxicated drivers can cause accidents and need to pay for auto collision repair Fort Worth. The driver should look over the route so they can anticipate delays or detours, especially if they will be in an unfamiliar area.

2. Secure Animals and Children

Children and pets can be a big source of distraction while on the road. They can be noisy and demand attention during the trip. Children should be properly strapped into car or booster seats and provided with entertainment options. There are belts and cages that secure pets to prevent them from jumping on the driver or sliding under pedals. Breaks should be taken as needed to allow children or pets to use the bathroom or stretch their legs.

3. Hide the Cellphone

Cellphone use while driving is banned in many areas. Making phone calls, sending text messages or taking pictures while driving can divert the driver’s attention from the road. To avoid the temptation to use a cellphone while driving, it can be shut into the glove box, placed in the back seat or shut into a purse or suitcase.

While reducing distractions may seem restrictive, it is necessary to prevent collisions. Looking away from the road for even a few seconds is incredibly dangerous. It can result in serious accidents, lawsuits and even death.

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