To acquire a most extreme decrease in the weight of the car, a genuine "chase to dispense with overabundance weight" occurred in the meantime to make, generally speaking, a "prudent winding", favouring fuel utilization, inactive security and the dynamic execution of the vehicle.

Every segment planned, every procedure utilized, every piece of the car, and so on has been analysed in view of this, by each individual from the undertaking group taking a shot at the vehicle: aluminium front shaft safeguard, size of the front subframe, laser welding of the rooftop, broad utilization of VHSS and UHSS (Very High Strength Steel and Ultra High Strength Steel) boards, soundproofing of the motor at source, and so on.

At long last, the Peugeot 208 weighs 975 kg!

The volume of the vehicle seems etched by the wind. From the "PEUGEOT" lettering drilled in the square at the highest point of the grille issues a veritable spine that crosses the cap, nibbles into the highest point of the windscreen leave its mark in the focal point of the rooftop and engravings its development right to the back and the line of the boot gap.

The backlights, genuine mechanical ornaments, additionally fuse a light mark with, prominently, three enlightened hooks. With their boomerang shape, and this is a specialized finishing, they show up at one with the body.

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