The Peugeot 107 is restored, more present and a great deal more urban, a fiery response to the yearn for independence, self-governance and adaptability! Its unpretentious and complex style, animated by the new look of the Peugeot marque, gives it another power of interest. Unfathomable thought has been paid to its appeal without making any repentances to the extent its purposes of interest while standing up to the prerequisites of city driving; it has ended up being essentially more helpful and fuel-gainful.

A style line taking up the cherry blossom branch topic is also open. It has a keen tote pocket, ideal for masterminding your things and changing travel bag without disregarding anything, and also an extraordinarily helpful tote catch - retractable and consequently preservationist - which is to an incredible degree significant for keeping your tote "to hand and in sight", without putting it on the floor.

To acquire a most extreme decrease in the weight of the car, a genuine "chase to dispense with overabundance weight" occurred in the meantime to make, generally speaking, a " more

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Kia Motors presented Korea's first electric vehicle, with the dispatch of the new Kia Ray EV - a zero-emanations city auto with exuberant execution and a scope of up to 139 km (86 miles) on more

Since the 1980s, Peugeot has often produced concept cars to present its vision of the future. Designers have sometimes had carte blanche to create futuristic and more