When the days of summer arrive, most people want to be outdoors, soaking in the rays, playing in the water, and attending barbeques with friends. With all the excitement of longer and warmer days, you may forget there can be dangers lurking in the shadows. To make sure you enjoy the fun months without problems, here are some safety tips.

1. UV Rays

If you enjoy spending time in the sun during your summer adventures, don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays can cause leathery skin, wrinkles, and premature aging. The harmful rays can also weaken your immune system and cause eye problems.

2. Water Vehicles

Exhilaration and joy are only two of the many descriptors used when referring to bouncing around on the waves in your personal watercrafts. However, each of those marine crafts requires regular maintenance, such as washing the vehicle, flushing the system, or using the proper fuel. If one of your watercrafts breaks down, contact a reliable service about replacement marine parts so you can enjoy the rest of the summer out on the water.

3. Summer Rentals

If you love the water, you probably enjoy renting a summer getaway that your whole family can enjoy. Whether the house is right on the water or not, care should be taken to know where everyone is at all times – even the adults. A small slip and fall can ruin an amazing summer experience.

4. Alcohol Consumption

To many, alcohol and summer nights go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, there is a danger lurking in warm weather consumption. Alcohol dehydrates the body as it works as a diuretic. That means without extra water, your kidneys and bladder can be depleted of necessary fluids. 

Summer days can be exhilarating as you skim across the water on a watercraft, vacation away from home, or enjoy backyard meals with friends. Don’t forget to stay safe using these four tips. Staying safe means more time to play outdoors!