The new Opel Grandland is loaded with state-of-the-art technologies and assistance systems that make driving more comfortable, easier, and, above all, safer. The Night Vision system is one of these technologies, showing its strengths to the full in winter with prolonged darkness and poor visibility. The new Opel Grandland SUV flagship is the first Opel model with the anticipatory night vision system. It helps – as does the adaptive Intelli Lux LED Pixel light – Opel Grandland drivers discover people and animals that often decisive second earlier. Both systems virtually turn night into day and increase the safety of all road users at dusk or in the dark.

The new Opel Grandland SUV combines straightforward, bold design with leading technologies. The new brand face Opel Vizor is not only an eye-catcher at first glance. It also cleverly integrates innovative systems virtually invisible to the naked eye under its "visor." One of them is the camera-based Night Vision system, celebrating its Opel premiere in the Grandland. A Night Vision video sums up the functionality and advantages in under a minute.

The infrared camera hidden at the front under the Opel Vizor makes driving at night safer, especially on poorly lit routes such as country roads or in the forest. The Night Vision system recognizes people and animals up to 100 meters in front of the Grandland in the direction of travel, based on their temperature difference to the environment. As soon as the camera sees the pedestrian, cyclist, or deer at the side of the road, it shows their position in the 12-inch driver information display of the digital Pure Panel Cockpit. For this purpose, the person or animal in front of the vehicle is highlighted in color from the environment.

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The Night Vision system is available in the new Opel Grandland with the adaptive Intelli Lux LED Pixel light. The groundbreaking lighting technology – also seamlessly integrated into the course of the Opel Vizor – with a total of 168 LED elements – 84 per headlight – ensures a precise and flowing light pattern that is appropriate to the situation at all times, without dazzling other road users. In addition, the matrix function "cuts out" oncoming vehicles within milliseconds, while the remaining areas are illuminated with a full high beam. Together, the two systems turn night into day in two respects and ensure a relaxed drive at all times, even in adverse light conditions.

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