Last year, most people were feeling really sad, but there were also positive effects. As the world has closed around us - we have explored our own country. The woods abound with pedestrians, the campsites are full to bursting point, and many more campers have come on the roads.

Now Renault is launching a five-star campervan experience that can compete with even the hippest hotels - but where you do not suddenly risk being in a lockdown again, so the romantic weekend is canceled. With Hippie Caviar Hotel, you get a five-star experience with, among other things, a roof terrace and soft armchairs, and with the freedom to drive right where you want. The starting point is the new Renault Trafic, which will be launched next year.

Inspired by the 60s, the luxurious camper sends a loving thought to the iconic Renault Estafette campervan. The purpose of the luxury camper is to emphasize that Renault is developing a range of VIP vans built on tailor-made individual solutions. In addition, the hip caravan is the forerunner to the electric Trafic, launched in 2022.

The new Renault campervan is not a big crumb that is difficult to park but builds on the existing compact dimensions of a Renault Trafic, making it easy to park and comfortable to drive. Now it's a show car, so the campervan's bold colours and exotic materials have been turned up, which will premiere on 27 August at the Düsseldorf Motor Show.

The cab is painted with a beautiful water green colour, while the instrument panel is spruced up with details of exclusive leather. In the living room, the colour is silver-grey, and genuine wood and natural plant fibres have been used in the decor.

Flexibility is a keyword in any big campervan - even in the new Renault. The bench seats can be converted into a comfortable bed; with the tailgate open and built-in curtains, you have a room protected from rain and wind. And on top of the camper van, there is a roof terrace with armchairs and a coffee table.

But it does not stop here. While in hotels, you can order room service with breakfast and dinner; at Hippie Caviar Hotel, you can request an intelligent container with a shower, toilet. All delivered to where you intend to drive. And if you need it - you can also have bicycles delivered.

There are no prices and launch dates for the Hippie Caviar Hotel from Renault.

From what I see, this campervan looks way better than the Dacia Dokker campervan, and I guess it will be cheaper than the Volkswagen Caddy California. Well, we will see what the future hold for us.

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