SEAT Mii city auto is the ideal vehicle throughout today's urban way of life. Simply, the SEAT Mii makes life simpler - with convincing reasonableness, uncommon driving fun, high effectiveness and imaginative innovation. 

The Mii joins SEAT's lively Mediterranean outline with the absolute best craftsmanship and gigantic degree for personalisation. Besides, the exceptional quality for-cash and low support costs make the delight of driving a SEAT Mii effectively achievable.

'It is modern, it has a strong personality, but it isn't loud. The Mii has the feel of a modern yet timeless product design. Every detail is precisely defined, but with not a line too many. With the Mii, we are making sporty chic and design quality attainable for all.'

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A remarkable advancement in this class of vehicle is the SEAT Mii's City Safety Assist. In the occasion of risk the Mii cautions its driver, or even brakes consequently. A laser sensor perceives different vehicles in front, whether they are driving or stationary. The framework cautions the driver when there is the inevitable risk of a mishap at rates of under 18 mph (30 km/h). On the off chance that he doesn't respond, the Mii brakes naturally. As a rule this is adequate to stay away from a mischance by and large however will, at any rate, moderate its outcomes. ESP is additionally accessible, and is constantly joined with City Safety Assist when indicated.

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