2016 Toyota Mirai is the first production fuel cell car you can buy. Not incidentally is named Mirai, which in Japanese means future. Mirai is a family sedan with zero emissions, whose official presentation is made by the president of Toyota Motor Corporation in person, Akio Toyoda. Mirai receive this great honor because it marks a turning point in the global automotive industry.

After long trials, which lasted 10 years and required more than two million kilometers, the first mass-produced hydrogen car is ready to storm the market. For starters, Toyota Mirai will sell in Japan, then it arrive in the US and Europe beginning next summer. The price is estimated somewhere around $58,000, but the price should fall by half by 2020.

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Here are some technical details: with a full tank Toyota Mirai autonomy is up to 500 km and refueling takes less than 5 minutes. On the road the car emits only water and its fuel cells generate electricity enough to power a house for a week. Toyota Mirai’s engine has a maximum output is 152 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque.

The Toyota Mirai is a truly exceptional electric car.

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