Suzuki Jimny is a small car, cheap and unrivaled in its off-road class. Jimny succeeds everything excellent in this area. Otherwise, it is a little difficult.

Comfort: A weak point. It is noisy and not very spacious. The suspension fits better on larger bumps, but has small issues.

Performance: It's not the fastest car in the world, but the little 1.3-liter engine does its job honorably. And anyway I do not think the chassis could handle more than that.

Cool: Suzuki Jimny is not cool at all when it is new. You can always try to let the mud to stick and add some stickers on it with all sorts of 4x4 competitions. Anything that might give you a rough image.

Quality: Suzuki Jimny has no problems on the technical side, but the interior is pretty cheap.

Handling: Note the characteristics: a high driving position, short wheelbase, stiff suspension. You can already think the outcome: does not sit too well as cornering.

Functionality: With four seats and a small trunk, Suzuki Jimny can not carry much, but everything that it carries can go anywhere. It is a small car, so parking in the city is not a problem.

Running costs: It is a cheap and does not require too much care.

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