The Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept is an invitation to all lovers of freedom who may imagine themselves as adventures on the streets or beach slopes for the duration of a journey. And an invitation to broaden your horizons, have fun, and satiate your appetite for liberty, relaxation, and nonconformity.

The My Ami Buggy Concept is a practical electric vehicle for weekends, vacations by the sea, or in the country. An electrically driven car that drives softly and has no emissions while providing the thrill of electric driving, heightened by the panoramic roof and absence of doors, allows you to immerse yourself in the surrounding environment completely.

The Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept is stable on its wide off-road wheels. It has an adventurous personality, highlighted at the front and back by protection bars, headlamp grilles, and bumpers. Redesigned fender flares and tubular guards on the bottom of the doors accentuate the profile on the sides. The roof rack and spare wheel emphasize the concept's daring character. All of these ornamental pieces are matte black. When driving into the night or in the fog, the LED light bar on the front of the roof adds an extra daring touch.

The doors have been removed and replaced with clear, rainproof tarpaulins that can be drawn up in inclement weather, a nod to the classic Citroen Méhari. These have zippers to seal the passenger compartment. These helpful safety curtains may be withdrawn, folded up, and stored in the special storage spaces beneath the seats.

A roof hood is installed over the windshield and extends out of the roof to protect from rough weather. It offers shade and protects from the noon sun's beams in the summer. The wide "Mud" tires and matt gold offset rims provide excellent road grip and stability in all conditions.

While it is a novel and innovative method, the designers and engineers have ensured that the concept is feasible and effective. For example, certain pieces were difficult to connect - in some instances; they are fastened directly to the tubular chassis to ensure their security. This is especially true of the bull bar and the spare wheel on the roof.

My Ami Buggy Concept comes in three different colors: black, khaki, and yellow. Inspired by camping equipment, the black emphasizes the vehicle's practical and strong nature. The varied black tones match the anodized khaki and lemon yellow tones wonderfully, conveying a daring overall image that is accentuated by careful detailing. In addition, the My Ami Buggy Concept has a highly dynamic look thanks to the two-tone exterior: anodized khaki on the front and speckled black on the back, an interplay of symmetry that also attempts to identify the front from the rear of the vehicle easily.

Lemon yellow is used to emphasize several aspects of the My Ami Buggy Concept, including the seats, charging cord, graphic door attachments, the whole baggage area, and various accessories. This sparkling hue also suggests that the highlighted objects have a purpose.

Graphic elements and stickers in yellow and black, which take up the Citroën double angle, are repeated on the various exterior and interior details. On the driver's side of the roof, the inscription "Pilot" can be seen. On the passenger side, the lettering "Co-Pilot," with the numbers 01 on the driver's seat and 02 on the front passenger seat indicating the corresponding position. Under the spoiler, yellow arrow-shaped stickers depict the wind direction as a salute to aviation. The wheel arches also have a similar design.

The My Ami Buggy Concept seats, storage space, and baggage compartment have all been meticulously designed. The Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept has improved Advanced Comfort seat cushions, with foam thickness raised from 35 mm (Citroen Ami) to 70 mm. The use of memory foam has lightened and softened the seats. They are readily detachable from the shell, replaceable, and washable. The shelves are ingenious and portable. Each serves a specific purpose in the passenger compartment, but they may also be transported outdoors for a picnic or a vacation. The dashboard storage compartments, previously available for the Ami, have been reworked specifically for the My Ami Buggy Concept. Above the storage compartments, a matt gold metal border stops anything from sliding.

A specific line of suitcases has been produced that fits precisely inside the vehicle's cabin. In the Ami, a seaman's bag with a flap has its own storage place beneath the dashboard, in the same space like a cabin suitcase. It is supported by a tubular construction to keep it from toppling over. It may carry a variety of objects or a huge detachable bag explicitly built for this purpose that can be accessed from the inside.

The external mirrors are affixed to the doorposts and may be adjusted using a ball joint built into the attachment points. They can also be removed. The cup or bottle holder is either on the dashboard or in the space where the Ami bag holder used to be. The smartphone holder designed for the Ami, which is placed to the right of the driver's seat, is transformed into a cylindrical design holder with a tensioning wheel on the right side of the My Ami Buggy Concept, which keeps the phone in place. A camera mount that may be utilized to film and share the trip's highlights or scenery is supplied with a universal screw that can support various devices.

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"The My Ami Buggy is an idea that is consistent with Ami's attitude of not being a car. So we drew inspiration from the realm of construction games to encourage fun and utility and from industrial design to achieve ergonomics and beauty by repurposing common goods (furniture, lights, etc.) and fashion accessories (sneakers, sports equipment, glasses, etc.). The camera and smartphone mounts' basic, extruded designs were influenced, for example, by the work of designers who produced vital and timeless daily things in the second half of the past century. So My Ami Buggy Concept should be practical and straightforward, in keeping with iconic and current industrial things," explains Samuel Pericles, My Ami Buggy designer. @via Citroen.

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