The Latin charisma and overflowing power of the first two-seater Ferrari with mid-rear-engined plug-in hybrid mix with the distinct pleasure of driving under the open sky. By removing the roof of the Ferrari 296 GTB, another historic first is achieved in Maranello: the Ferrari 296 GTS (an acronym for Gran Turismo Spider) is the first road model to be powered by a six-cylinder engine. Behind the seats pulsates the same 3 - liter bi-turbo V6 of the closed version that replaced the F8 Tributo last year, retiring the historic fully endothermic V8, which, benefiting from continuous evolutions and refinements, has equipped the sports cars of the house from 308 onwards for over three, long decades.

By pressing a simple button (even with the wheels moving, up to a speed of 45 km / h), in fourteen seconds, the hardtop folds into two parts, disappearing into two slots on the sides of the compartment engine, which include the petrol tank cap and the charging socket cap. The 7.45 kWh battery makes the Ferrari 296 GTS sports car able to travel up to 25 km without the intervention of the internal combustion engine. However, the most striking aspect of the electric unit MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic) is the contribution in terms of power, derived from experience in Formula 1 and wedged between the internal combustion engine and the gearbox. Up to 167 HP is guaranteed by the electric generator, which added to the 663 HP released by the V6 return a total power of 830 HP. Numbers translate into proper supercar performance, with just 2.9 seconds to shoot from 0 to 100 km / h and a top speed of over 330 km / h.

The 2022 Ferrari 296 GTS plug-in hybrid convertible sports car re-proposes the refined aerodynamic solutions of the 296 GTB from which it derives. As on the Ferrari 296 GTB, the rear spoiler, inspired by the Ferrari LaFerrari, rises to a perfectly vertical position, generating rear downforce of up to 360 kg and disappearing into the rear mirror at low speeds, making it invisible. Compared to the closed sister, the significant changes concern the bonnet area, which houses the electrically foldable hardtop, with two new dorsal ribs and therefore no longer perfectly horizontal. The entire rear, including the side deflectors to reduce cabin turbulence, has been redesigned to optimize airflow and achieve the same aerodynamic efficiency as the 296 GTB.

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To enhance the dynamic qualities of the Ferrari 296 GTS, whose engine boasts a specific power of 221 HP/liter, the highest ever for a production car, the house offers the Assetto Fiorano trim. The package includes new Multimatic shock absorbers, similar to those of racing cars engaged in GT competitions and optimized for sports use; specific carbon fiber appendages on the front bumper capable of generating another 10 kg of downforce on the front axle; more extensive use of ultralight materials, for a total lightening of 8 kilograms (the car in standard configuration, with a dry weight of 1540 kg, has an already remarkable weight/power ratio of 1.86 kg/hp). Finally, for customers who want an even more excellent grip on the asphalt, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R tires are available: ultra-performing, they are designed to guarantee maximum performance on the track.

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