High fashion at the most elevated execution level: NOVITEC ROSSO not just tailors an exciting planner suit produced using lightweight clear-covered carbon fiber for the Ferrari 458 Spider. Superlight manufactured wheels in a novel stunned 21-and 22-inch mix together with a refined suspension framework including water powered ride-tallness alteration make the drop-top games auto much more dynamic. Also, there is a force increment to 609 hp/448 kW and a similarly lightweight elite fumes framework with sound administration by method for a butterfly valve. Further custom subtle elements, for example, dark lights or insides specially customized to the proprietor's individual inclinations substantiate NOVITEC ROSSO's driving worldwide position in tuning and refining the games autos from Maranello.

The standard front belt is overhauled with a two-piece front spoiler and side folds for further decreased lift at high speeds. To round out the carbon-fiber look the wings noticeable all around scoops and the ventilation grilles in the front bumpers are likewise produced from this material. Tasteful carbon-fiber covers on the outside mirrors finish the gathering.

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Another NOVITEC ROSSO innovative improvement is the water driven suspension framework for the 458 Spider. At the push of a catch in the cockpit the front of the auto can be raised by 40 millimeters to explore securely past controls or to enter an underground parking structure. At a second push of the catch or naturally after achieving a velocity of 80 km/h the front returns to its unique position. What's more, NOVITEC ROSSO sport springs bring down the ride tallness of the Spider by about 35 millimeters. It's a given that the standard damper modification of the 458 Spider is held completely.

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