The new Ferrari 458 Spider joins the 458 Italia, augmenting the scope of Ferrari's mid-back engined V8s and offering the same uncompromising mechanical arrangements, taking care of and execution in a refined open-top setup. It is furnished with a Ferrari protected, completely retractable hard main, a world first for a games auto with this lay-out.

Completely in aluminum, the hard-best arrangement received for the Ferrari 458 Spider offers various favorable circumstances over the customary collapsing delicate top, including a decrease of 25 kg in weight contrasted with Ferrari F430 Spider and an organization time of only 14 seconds. Completely coordinated into the styling of the auto, the hard-top was designed to fit perfectly in front of the motor narrows without trading off streamlined features or the execution of the auto. The little space expected to house the rooftop empowers the creators to incorporate a liberal back seat for baggage behind the seats.

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