The new Doblo and E-Doblo from FIAT and FIAT PROFESSIONAL are the fifth generation of a car that has always had two distinct but complementary personalities. The new Doblo is the perfect companion for families as a passenger car and the acceptable vehicle for all the demands of commercial customers in its van version, thanks to clever and creative solutions that make driving in the city less stressful and much safer.

With the introduction of the new Fiat E-Doblo, the brand is carrying on with the electrification process that has begun in recent years; FIAT has committed to supplying a fully electric model line by 2027 and having all new models in Europe be powered by electricity by 2024. FIAT's third electric model (after the new Fiat 500 and E-Ulysse), the new E-Doblo, is also FIAT PROFESSIONAL's third electric vehicle (after the Fiat E-Ducato and Fiat E-Scudo).

With the same signature Italian inventiveness found in all FIAT products, the two new models broaden the scope of the brand's offerings for both commercial and family customers.

Considering the people who spend eight or more hours a day in their cars led to the inclusion of comfort as a design priority. The purpose of installing soundproofing and a suspension system that dampens shock and vibration is to provide a more comfortable and productive work environment.

The Fiat E-Doblo is the most advanced version of this popular C-VAN model and sets new standards in terms of performance, usefulness, payload, and adaptability. This vehicle is tailor-made for urban driving because of its adaptable layout and ample interior space. FIAT Professional's Doblo panel van is also offered in a gas-powered option.

The new Fiat E-electric Doblo has a range of up to 280 kilometers, up to 260 Newton-meters of torque, and 100 kW (136 hp) of power. That's why the E-Doblo can run at speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. As a bonus, the locally emission-free variant provides the user with exceptional charging options, including "Quick Charge Mode," which allows the battery to be charged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes by using up to 100 kilowatts of direct current. Furthermore, the driver can switch between Normal, Eco, and Power e-modes when traveling. Drive modes "Normal," and "Eco" reduce energy usage, while "Power" boosts maximum performance.

The Fiat E-Doblo and Fiat Doblo's features and configurations are identical to those of the combustion engine models because installing the battery pack does not necessitate structural alterations.

Active safety and protection measures are standard on the new Doblo. In addition, the new Doblo is the best in its class, thanks to its comprehensive suite of 17 safety and driver aid technologies.

  • Automatic traffic sign recognition
  • Active safety brake to reduce the risk of collision
  • Lane departure warning system with active steering intervention
  • Attention assistant (fatigue warning)
  • Early warning system for obstacles in front of the vehicle
  • Frontal Impact Warning
  • Traction control system
  • Hill descent control for gradients of more than three percent
  • Rear parking sensors

Stellantis's facility in Spain (Vigo) produces the new Fiat Doblo and Fiat E-Doblo, taking advantage of scale economies. In addition, the Doblo range will utilize the K9 software, which currently supports other Stellantis brands.

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The new Fiat Doblo provides its customers with a wide variety of engine options, two lengths to choose from (panel van and multicab), and three different configurations.

Through its "Magic Features," the Doblo becomes an even more reliable, flexible, and adaptable work partner, with the most adaptability, durability, and safety.

Using Magic Cargo, you may bring in longer items, such as pipes or ladders, that are up to three meters long and boost the loading volume by half a cubic meter. In addition, the passenger-side seat may be folded up to make more room, and the space underneath can be used to store boxes or fragile objects.

The 12.7-centimeter digital interior rear-view mirror called the "Magic Mirror" has a rear-view mirror, a full view of the blind spot, and an image from the vehicle's rear parking camera, all of which improve the driver's field of vision and safety.
When plugged into the E-Magic Doblo's Plug, the battery's electricity may be used for everything from cooling food to running power equipment.

The Fiat E-Doblo Cargo, even in its all-electric form, has a class-leading payload of up to 800 kilograms and can carry as many as two Euro pallets, while the Doblo Cargo, powered by an internal combustion engine, can carry as much as one ton.

With Magic Cargo, the long-wheelbase panel van can hold up to 4.4 cubic meters of cargo. In addition, the long-wheelbase Multicab body has a bulkhead that can be moved to make more space for passengers or more space for cargo.

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