The Ford Bronco SUV, an American icon, will soon be available in Europe for the first time. It will have four-wheel drive as standard and be able to drive on any surface. The Ford Bronco, in its four-door version, will be available in select European markets beginning at the end of 2023. It offers the capability to go anywhere and is enhanced with intelligent technologies.

The interior and exterior of this stylish SUV were influenced by several classic vehicles, including the original Ford Bronco from 1966, the rugged good looks and powerful capacity of the F-Series truck on the American market, and the performance-oriented ethos of the Ford Mustang, one-of-a-kind and genuine spirit of adventure.

Due to its innovative all-wheel-drive system, cutting-edge adventure technologies like Trail Control, and up to seven driving modes, the Bronco has earned the moniker "GOAT" (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain).

The Ford Bronco was built from the ground up with adventure in mind, so it has convenient features like removable panels, integrated mounting points made especially for accessories, and easy-to-clean materials. In addition, customers who buy a Bronco can choose from a wide range of Ford-approved accessories, all of which are made to work well together and let people make the vehicle their own.

"The new generation Ford Bronco combines the best of the original model with cutting-edge handling technology on any surface and a vast selection of accessories to create Ford's strongest and most versatile off-road vehicle." According to Ford of Europe's chief import vehicle engineer, Matthias Tonn, "new" and "remarkable," best describe the company's latest offerings. After the new Ford Bronco was a massive hit in the U.S., we're excited to bring its adventurous spirit to our customers in Europe.

Since the first Bronco arrived in America in 1966, it has been the standard by which all other off-road vehicles are judged. Ford is bringing the Bronco back to North America in 2020, after a 25-year hiatus. The new model stays true to the original Bronco's DNA while adding cutting-edge technology for true off-road prowess. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts in Europe will have access to a limited number of Broncos.

The design team for the new Ford Bronco started with a blank sheet of paper and a digital scan scaled up to the original size of the first-generation model to guarantee that the truck's bold proportions and instantly recognizable shape would be preserved in the redesign. The Bronco's unmistakable and robust appearance is a result of its short consoles, characteristic solid lines, and bold and functional details, all of which contribute to its exceptional off-road capacity.

The full-width grille, round headlights, and strong symbolism at the front of the vehicle all visually link it to the original generation while also giving it a distinctive appearance. In addition, the square panels on the body are meant to make it easier to see the SUV's corners and make it easier to drive in challenging off-road conditions.

The Bronco's plastic wheel arches and raised guide sections at the top of the front wings are just two examples of the vehicle's many straightforward yet ingenious features.

The soundproofing ceiling in the Bronco can be removed completely. The rigid top is divided into four panels, and the two front panels have their own storage compartments for maximum adaptability. In just eight minutes, and with a single tool, you can remove all the doors from your vehicle, giving yourself a greater sense of independence and improved visibility in off-road settings.

Enough for homeowners of various sizes to easily dispose of traditional owners of 4x4s with removable doors are still in a bind when it comes to stowing them. Still, Broncos have convenient storage areas for the doors to be kept safe during transport and then reinstalled in a flash. The rear-view mirrors were placed in front of the windshield so the driver could see out even with the doors off.

The Ford Bronco also comes with several removable parts that can be used to improve the vehicle's off-road capabilities and personalization options. For example, the plastic wheel arches are made to be removed without damage in the event of an off-road impact and can be replaced quickly and easily.

More and more "surprises" in terms of design are being introduced to the Bronco, details that celebrate the Bronco's heritage and are meant to be discovered by owners as they use the vehicle. Some examples are hidden bottle openers, Bronco logos, GPS coordinates of test sites, and a picture of the original 1966 model range.

Paul Wraith, Bronco's chief designer, said, "It was essential that Bronco's return be authentic to the legacy of the iconic and rugged original SUV." "Every decision we made regarding Bronco's design was aimed at better customer service, maximizing capacity in kind, its independence as a brand and, exhaustively, including stamping the ends of the screws and the inscription on the tires."

The Ford Bronco has previously earned the nickname "GOAT" due to its remarkable capacity for off-road surfaces, and the new generation offers nothing less than outstanding performance under challenging conditions. Moreover, thanks to intelligent driving technologies, the Bronco's performance is accessible to novice adventurers and experienced off-road drivers.

The Ford Bronco offers a smooth transition between two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive depending on road conditions, thanks to a two-speed electromechanical gearbox with automatic mode or a two-speed electronic gearbox with on-the-fly shifting. In bad weather, the standard lockable rear differential and the optional lockable front differential and front anti-roll bar disconnection system keep the car's maneuverability at its best.

Trail Turn Assist uses brake-based torque vectoring to reduce turning radius by up to 40% when driving off-road in confined spaces. At the same time, Trail One-Pedal Drive allows the driver to accelerate and brake using only the accelerator pedal, providing more manageable and more precise speed control in difficult conditions. In addition, towing motorists can feel more at ease with the help of technologies like AdvanceTrac Roll's Roll Stability Control and Trailer Sway Control.

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The Ford Bronco has a high-performance off-road stability suspension (HOSS) that consists of independent arms with long-stroke helical springs at the front, reducing unsprung weight by up to 20% compared to solid-axle models and providing superior running comfort and constant contact with the surface. High-strength shock absorbers are standard, as is a robustly constructed five-arm, variable-rate, long-stroke rear axle. In addition, all-terrain tires improve on-road and off-road handling and comfort on the available 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Customers interested in maximum off-road performance can purchase a front plate and shields for the engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel tank. In addition, high-strength steel roof bars with integrated side curtain airbags, side airbags, and front airbags provide total protection. The available side sills are sturdy enough to bear the vehicle's weight during extreme rock climbing. Front and rear exposed tow hooks are also included.

The interior of the new Bronco is just as rugged and determined as the exterior, with a focus on functionality and technology that is both cutting edge and built to last in the toughest of conditions. The exterior equipment and materials were chosen to be as reliable as possible, and the interior was based on the design of the first Bronco.

For the convenience of the passengers in any weather, the instrument panel and the center console have integrated grip handles. Additionally, the wireless charging in the center console has been engineered to keep the mobile phone in a fixed position even at steep inclination angles. The dashboards are designed to be easily wiped down, and any buttons inside the vehicle are protected from the elements by a silicone seal and rubber contact points.

The new Ford Bronco is built to handle any terrain. In addition, it comes with various optional accessories that work well with Bronco systems and are easy to install, thanks to custom brackets that fit standard Bronco screws.

Those who want to increase their visibility at night can purchase a roof-mounted light bar and A-spot spotlights that easily mount to dedicated brackets with Bronco screws. Then, they can pick between a back tent, roof tent, or side canopy for maximum independence in the great outdoors. Roof rails and dedicated roof and tailgate supports make it simple to transport gear like skis, bicycles, and roof racks, and Neoprene seat covers add an extra layer of protection in the roughest off-road conditions.

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