The Ford Ranger Raptor is now launched in a raw and even cooler version: the Ranger Raptor Special Edition. The new Ford pickup, designed for high-speed off-road driving, is more efficacious than ever before.

The specially developed Ford Ranger Raptor Special Edition will arrive in Europe this autumn. The new pickup plays a central role in "The Good, The Bad + The Badass" film, which Ford has just launched. The film is an action film with strong inspiration from classic western films, and here you see the Raptor Special Edition unfold off-road together with several other of Ford's Ranger variants. The film follows on from the original launch film featuring the Ranger Raptor, which has been viewed more than five million times. (youtube).

The new Ranger Raptor Special Edition emphasizes the pickup's raw look with its unique exterior and cabin optimizations that help make our off-road performance pickup even more unique. With the film, the Ranger Raptor Special Edition shows everything that it has to offer.

The Ranger Raptor Special Edition was developed by Ford Performance to be the ultimate Ranger model. The wheel suspension is made so that the pickup can easily manage to drive off-road at high speed, while action and comfort are still intact. The Ford pickup has a 213 hp diesel engine and 500 Nm of torque.

The exclusive Ranger Raptor Special Edition is available in three colours - Performance Blue, Conquer Gray or Frozen White. The racing stripes are also on the side of the car, where they extend from the front doors and up over the wide wheel arches. All of this helps to strengthen the Ford pickup's performance character to an even greater degree.

In addition to the racing stripes, the front towbars are also red, while the bumpers, door handles and signature Ford grille on the front of the car have a matte black finish.

Inside the pickup, the Ranger Raptor Special Edition has also become even more sporty than the original. Here there are red cuttings in the steering wheel, around the instrument panel and in the doors. The leather seats not only look good but are optimized so that you also get all the support you need when driving off-road. A special Special Edition Raceway Gray instrument panel enhances the exclusive feel of the cabin.

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The new Ranger Raptor Special Edition surely makes the off-road experience even better due to its unique Ford Performance chassis, which has just been developed to drive off-road at high speed. With the help of FOX shock absorbers, you get an extremely good off-road feeling, while the suspension is more moderate when driving normally. The unique "Terrain Management System" allows the driver to choose from six different driving modes.

To ensure its exclusivity, the new Ford Ranger Raptor Special Edition comes in a limited number. The first cars are expected to arrive in Europe in October 2021.


The new Ranger Raptor Special Edition has a price of 58,835 euros net or from 70,014 euros gross.

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