Unveiled at the beginning of February, the restyled Mégane IV has been slow to reveal its prices. This is now done unofficially thanks to a leak on a forum.

If the Renault Mégane could speak, it would undoubtedly tell us of some discontent. Admittedly, compacts are no longer in style and, like the others, Megane suffered an undeniable drop in its sales in favor of SUVs. By the admission of some Renault officials, the future of the Mégane is clearly endangered, because its profitability is no longer enough. An understatement to make it clear that the line of Mégane will end well in the coming years. This fourth-generation Mégane was restyled at the start of the year and a leak from the Worldscoop forum has just announced the prices for this compact car. Nothing is official, but the leaked commercial brochure seems to be the right one.

As usual, prices were slightly increased. They would now start at € 22,600 in Life finish, € 600 more than before. An entry-level finish that still includes manual air conditioning, radio-Bluetooth and cruise control but which now includes LED spotlights. The Life finish is only available with the TCe 115 engine.

For a Mégane diesel (dCi 115), you must choose the Zen finish, which now gives immediate access to the lights and automatic wipers, with the 7 inch counter screen behind the steering wheel and the Easy Link multimedia system with a 7-inch screen and Apple and Android compatibility.

The two most high-end finishes are still Intens and RS Line, respectively from € 28,500 and € 30,500. The Renault Mégane Estate always requires an additional € 1,000. As for the sporty RS, its prices start at € 40,300 in manual transmission while the RS Trophy is invoiced € 5,000 more.

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All Renault Mégane 2020 prices:

Engine / gearboxPrice
Life TCe 115 BMV€ 22,200
Zen TCe 115 BMV€ 24,200
Zen Blue dCi 115 BVM€ 27,500
Intense TCe 140 BVM€ 28,500
Intense TCe 140 EDC€ 30,500
Intense Blue dCi 115 BVM€ 30,000
Intense Blue dCi 115 EDC€ 32,000
SL One Edition TCe 140 BVM€ 30,300
SL One Edition TCe 140 EDC€ 32,300
SL One Edition TCe 160 EDC€ 33,500
SL One Edition Blue dCi 115 EDC€ 33,800
RS Line TCe 140 BVM€ 30,500
RS Line TCe 140 EDC€ 32,500
RS Line TCe 160 EDC€ 33,700
RS Line Blue dCi 115 EDC€ 34,000

Anyway, the new MEGANE RS Line has a unique personality that combines refinement and sportiness.

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