The new Toyota Aygo X is an excellent A-segment crossover developed and produced in Europe to fulfill customers' demands living in cities and suburbs. To ensure that the new Toyota Aygo X is the most excellent vehicle in its class, Toyota performed extensive research to ascertain what customers want in a beautiful, compact, and safe little car.

The result is Toyota's newest small vehicle: Aygo X, built on the top-rated GA-B platform from Toyota Global New Architecture (TNGA). The TNGA platform debuted with the new Toyota Yaris – voted Europe's Car of the Year last year — and more recently with the Toyota Yaris Cross.

Whether in the city or on the highway, an excellent A-segment car must stand out via its compact size and agility to convey confidence and security to the driver. Additionally, it must elicit emotions while incorporating the latest technological advancements into a compact, cost-effective package to own. The new Toyota Aygo X delivers all of this and more, offering everything European buyers desire from an A-segment vehicle.

Toyota's designers instilled a sense of boldness and spice in European small vehicle purchasers with the concept automobile Aygo X prototype designed by Toyota European Design and Development in Nice, France.

Since its introduction in 2005, the Aygo has not just been Toyota's most accessible vehicle in Europe. Additionally, it has charmed customers with its youthful and cheerful personality. These characteristics have drawn a slew of new fashion-conscious European shoppers to Toyota.

Following the successful unveiling of the Aygo X prologue, the styling of the Aygo X project was transferred to Toyota Motor Europe in Belgium, where the design team collaborated closely with product planning and R&D to bring the new A-segment car to life.

A two-tone version of the Toyota Aygo X, paired with the new spice color idea, provides an entirely distinctive visual profile. In addition, the term highlights the capacity for forward-leaning movement.

The redesigned wedge-shaped roofline adds energy and a more sporting appearance. Frontally, the high-tech headlamps adhere to the hood, forming the impression of a wing.

Various spices inspire the new color idea to produce a one-of-a-kind spectrum of hues for the Aygo X, which embodies the car's tastes and personalities.

Cardamom imparts an air of refinement and elegance, thanks to the modest color saturation of the green tint.

Chili is a fiery and luxurious hue that draws the eye of passers-by with its warm and rich color reflection, courtesy of the incorporation of microscopic blue metallic flakes in the red color.

Ginger is a refined and long-lasting beige with an air of adventure and a warm richness to the color.

Juniper is a young hue with a hint of masculinity. It is a blue shade explicitly made for the model, giving it an ice-cold aspect with faint red overtones.

These vibrant spice hues contrast sharply with the black roof and rear, instantly making the Toyota Aygo X stand out and be recognized. This spice motif is not limited to the outside. Interior components, such as the dashboard and center console, complement the outside hue and give the cockpit a unique style. The X sign is subtly stitched into the fabric of the seat. The Aygo X model name is subtly repeated in the headlights, creating a powerful and successful identity.

A more spicy Toyota Aygo X Limited edition in Cardamom will be available for the first six months of sales. Other hues, such as Night Sky Black, Pure White, and Shimmering Silver, will also be accessible, depending on the equipment level.

The new Toyota Aygo X crossover is developed by adapting the established and popular GA-B platform for the Toyota Aygo X, with redesigned and scaled-down rear body components and shorter front and rear overhangs. With a length of 3,700mm, the new Toyota Aygo X is 235mm longer than its predecessor, despite a 90mm increase in wheelbase. In addition, the front overhang is 72mm less than the Toyota Yaris, but the maximum wheel size has been raised to 18 inches. 

The Toyota Aygo X features an incredibly tiny turning radius of just 4.7m, one of the lowest in the sector.

Compared to the Toyota Aygo, the total length has been expanded by 125mm to 1,740mm. In addition, the front seats have been repositioned 20mm apart, resulting in a 45mm increase in shoulder room. The baggage space is also a sector leader, with a 125mm greater luggage length and a clever design that adds more than 60 liters to 231 liters. Additionally, the Pagoda roof retains the vehicle's proportions while providing ample room for the driver and passengers. Therefore, the height is extended by 50 millimeters to 1,510 millimeters.

Behind the wheel, the steering system has been optimized for driving in Europe's peri-urban locations. At the same time, the new S-CVT transmission delivers class-leading responsiveness, intuitive gear changes, and linearity while maintaining a solid balance of performance and fuel economy.

Whether in city traffic or on the highway, all drivers will feel secure, and the Toyota Aygo X provides a safe driving experience in various ways.

The ground clearance has been improved by 11mm compared to the previous generation as a small and tall crossover. As a result, the Toyota Aygo X provides the driver with a greater sense of presence and security on the road.

The sitting posture has been raised by 55mm, making eye contact easier with other road users, particularly cyclists and passengers. Additionally, the A-angle pillar is extended by 10% to 24o to improve visibility. Together with the established TNGA suspension, the larger wheels and tires contribute to less heeling and excellent driving comfort and control.

The Toyota Aygo X is a car that expresses itself even while parked. Along with its robust design and spicy color scheme, the Toyota Aygo X emits a rugged appearance that suggests it can be driven anywhere, thanks to a 40 percent tire-to-body ratio ideal for a crossover vehicle. In addition, the noise level inside is decreased thanks to the widespread use of optimal sound insulation significantly.

Toyota and JBL have collaborated to create a premium sound system with an Aygo X-specific sound profile. The sound system is comprised of four speakers and a 300W amplifier, as well as a 200mm bass speaker mounted in the trunk, which delivers strong bass, dynamic speaker response, and a broad and clean sound picture.

As the first A-segment crossover, the Toyota Aygo X is also available with a retractable canvas roof. The new canvas top enhances the driving experience by increasing the openness by 40mm and the viewing angle by 20%.

The canvas roof provides additional protection against water and dust by utilizing high-quality materials that are often reserved for luxury models. Additionally, the redesigned wind deflector enhances the durability and sense of quality.

The new Toyota Aygo X is equipped with cutting-edge technology and functions. Toyota Smart Connect and the MyT app on smartphones will enable customers to connect with their Aygo X.

Toyota Smart Connect features a large 9-inch high-resolution touch screen, ambient lighting, wireless charging, and a seamless user experience through the MyT smartphone app, allowing customers to monitor vehicle information such as driving analysis, fuel levels alerts, and vehicle tracking.

Toyota's newest multimedia system includes cloud-based navigation with real-time route information and a continual connection at higher equipment levels. New services will be offered through cloud-based upgrades, and new software and related services will be automatically sent out to the system. Toyota Smart Connect also includes wired and wireless smartphone communication via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Toyota's current A-segment model also has advanced complete LED lighting technology, which improves accessibility for a broader range of consumers. The daytime running lights and turn signals are comprised of two fluorescent bulbs encircled by a delicate incandescent glow that highlights the classic Aygo hallmark in all lighting circumstances.

Toyota Aygo X takes a significant step forward in safety since it is the first tiny A-segment car to include Toyota Safety Sense as standard equipment in all countries.

Toyota's newest version of Safety Sense has a monocular video sensor and millimeter radar, and a Pre-Collision System (PCS) capable of detecting pedestrians at all speeds. In addition, the Toyota Aygo X is the first vehicle to feature day and night pedestrian identification, cyclist detection, collision damage reduction, intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and emergency steering assistance.

Additionally, the Aygo X benefits from enhanced passive safety, thanks to structural reinforcements that absorb crashes and increase overall safety.

The Aygo X is developed to maximize the owner's economic benefit. For instance, the Aygo X boasts the lightest bodyweight of any car in the A or B segments, contributing to its excellent fuel efficiency.

Additionally, front bumpers and wheel arches enhance fuel efficiency by diverting airflow away from the wheels, minimizing turbulence at the front and sides of the vehicle. Further, the rear wheel arches redirect airflow away from the wheels and into a convenient location on the back of the automobile.

The new Toyota Aygo X is powered by a 1-liter, 3-cylinder 1KR-FE engine that has been enhanced to satisfy European emission standards while maintaining excellent dependability and performance, with a target fuel consumption of 4.7 liters / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 107 grams per km.

The brand new Toyota Aygo X is developed and built in Europe for European clients and, by 2022, will establish a unique style in European cities. Toyota Aygo X will go on sale in the summer of 2022, and it will be available for pre-order on 19 May.

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