The new Toyota Aygo X is a unique crossover in the A-segment, developed and produced in Europe to fulfill customers' demands in European cities. Toyota performed extensive studies to understand customers' needs for a beautiful, compact, and safe little vehicle to make the new Aygo X the best product in the market.

The result is Toyota's newest small vehicle, built on the popular GA-B platform from Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), initially presented with the new Yaris - awarded Car of the Year in Europe in 2021 - and more recently with the Yaris Cross.

An excellent A-segment automobile must stand out by being tiny and agile to transmit confidence and security to the driver, whether in the city or on the road. It must also send emotions while incorporating the most cutting-edge technical breakthroughs into a small, cost-effective package. The new Toyota Aygo X provides all of this and more, offering everything European buyers desire from an A-segment vehicle. Toyota's designers aimed to provide purchasers of tiny vehicles in Europe a sense of boldness and hints of spice, based on the concept car Aygo X prologue created by Toyota European Design and Development (ED) in Nice, France.

Since 2005, the Aygo has not just been Toyota's most accessible vehicle in Europe; its young and vibrant personality also has thrilled clients. These characteristics have drawn a large number of new style-conscious European buyers to Toyota.

Toyota's consumers, now more than ever, desire individuality and the freedom to make personal decisions. Therefore, ED has challenged producing a concept specific to the target group by expanding on the A-leading segment's style symbol.

The new Toyota Aygo X offers a distinct visual profile with a robust two-tone design and the new spice color idea. Furthermore, the expression highlights the capacity to go ahead in a forward-leaning stance.

The redesigned wedge-shaped roofline adds to improved performance and a more athletic appearance. In the front, the high-tech headlights adhere to the hood, forming a wing-like design. Lower down, and you'll discover a massive BBQ, fog lights, and a sliding plate with a trapezoidal pattern, all of which are part of Aygo's personality.

With its modest color saturation, cardamom evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance with a polished and toned-down appearance.

Chilli is a hot and luxurious hue that draws attention with a warm and deep color reflection due to the incorporation of microscopic blue metallic flakes in the red color.

Ginger is a classy and long-lasting beige with a warm richness in the shade that hints at adventure.

Juniper is a blue hue explicitly made for the model to give it an ice-cold aspect while having faint red overtones, and it is young with a bit of masculinity.

These intense spice hues contrast sharply with the black roof and rear, making the Aygo X stand out and be instantly identifiable.

This spice motif extends beyond the outside. The dashboard and center console, which match the exterior color and provide the cockpit with a unique design, are examples of interior sections that match the exterior paint and give the cockpit a more distinctive appearance. Furthermore, the X sign is subtly stitched into the seat cloth.

In the first six months of sales, and even more spicy Limited edition Aygo X in Cardamom will be available, with details in matte mandarin orange on the surface and inside.

Adapting the established and popular GA-B platform to the Toyota Aygo X, a one-of-a-kind crossover is developed, with redesigned and scaled-down rear body components and decreased front and rear overhangs.

The new Toyota Aygo X is 235mm longer than its predecessor, despite the wheelbase being expanded by 90 mm. In addition, the maximum wheel size has been raised to 18 inches.

The Toyota Aygo X is built for the narrowest city streets, and it has a 4.7m turning radius, one of the lowest in the sector.

In comparison to the Aygo, the total length has been expanded by 125mm to 1,740mm. Furthermore, the front seats have been shifted 20mm apart, increasing shoulder room by 45mm. With 125mm larger baggage length and intelligent design, the luggage capacity is enhanced by more than 60 liters to a total of 231 liters, making it a sector leader.

Furthermore, the Pagoda roof keeps the proportions while still providing ample room for the driver and passengers. As a result, the height is raised by 50mm to 1,510mm.

The steering system is tailored for driving in European cities. The new S-CVT transmission delivers class-leading responsiveness, easy gear changes, and linearity while maintaining an outstanding balance between performance and consumption.

Every driver will feel comfortable, whether in rush hour traffic or on the highway, and the Aygo X provides a safe travel experience in various ways.

The ground clearance of this tiny and tall crossover has been improved by 11mm over the previous model. As a consequence, the Aygo X provides the driver with increased presence and security on the road.

The sitting posture has been raised by 55mm, making it easier to maintain eye contact with other road users, particularly cyclists and passengers. In addition, the angle of the A-pillar is extended by 10% to 24o to improve visibility.

Larger wheels and tires, together with the tried-and-true TNGA suspension, result in reduced heeling and superior driving comfort and handling.

The new Toyota Aygo X is a car that can express itself even while parked. Aside from the strong design and spicy color theme, the Toyota Aygo X has a powerful appearance that oozes the ability to drive anywhere, with a 40 percent tire-to-body ratio suited for a crossover vehicle.

Toyota and JBL have collaborated to create a premium audio system with a sound profile designed specifically for the Aygo X. The audio system has four speakers, a 300W amplifier, and a massive 200mm subwoofer located in the trunk to provide strong bass, dynamic speaker response, and a crisp and broad sound picture.

As the first A-segment crossover, the Aygo X is also available with a retractable canvas roof to improve the driving experience by increasing the openness by 40mm and the viewing angle by 20%.

The canvas roof provides extra protection against water and dust by utilizing high-quality materials that are often only available on premium versions. The redesigned wind deflector also increases durability and a sense of quality.

The new Toyota Aygo X is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and features. Customers will connect to their Aygo X using Toyota Smart Connect and the MyT app on their smartphone.

Toyota Smart Connect has a large 9-inch high-resolution touch screen, ambient lighting, wireless charging, and a seamless user experience with the integrated MyT smartphone app, which allows users to track information like driving analysis, fuel levels, alerts, and tracking.

Toyota's newest multimedia system includes cloud-based navigation with real-time route information and a permanent connection. Over time, additional services will be offered through cloud-based upgrades. Toyota Smart Connect also provides wired and wireless smartphone communication via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Toyota's new A-segment vehicle also has advanced full LED lighting technology, making it more accessible to a broader range of buyers. Daytime running lights and turn signals are made up of two fluorescent bulbs surrounded by a soft incandescent light that highlights the characteristic Aygo trademark in all lighting circumstances.

The Toyota Aygo X goes a long way forward in terms of safety, introducing Toyota Safety Sense as standard for the first time in a tiny A-segment car.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 combines a monocular video sensor, millimeter radar, and a Pre-Collision System (PCS) to identify pedestrians at all speeds. In addition, day and night pedestrian identification, cyclist detection, accident damage reduction, intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and emergency steering assistance are all available for the first time on the Aygo X.

The new Toyota Aygo X is intended to be as cost-effective as possible for the owner. The Aygo X, for example, has the lightest bodyweight of any car in the A or B group, which adds to its excellent fuel efficiency.

Front bumpers and wheel arches enhance fuel efficiency by diverting the air away from the wheels, minimizing turbulence at the front and sides of the vehicle. The rear wheel arches also direct wind away from the wheels and toward a suitable location on the car's rear.

The new Toyota Aygo X is powered by a 72hp 1-liter, 3-cylinder 1KR-FE petrol engine that has received multiple awards and has been modified to satisfy European emission criteria while giving outstanding dependability and performance, with a target fuel consumption of 4.7l/100km and CO2 emissions of 107 g/km.

The new Toyota Aygo X was developed and produced in Europe for European clients, and it will establish a distinct character in European cities by 2022.

The new Toyota Aygo X is an excellent A-segment crossover developed and produced in Europe to fulfill customers' demands living in cities and suburbs. To ensure that the more

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