"Unlike most electric car models on the market, the C30 Electric driver doesn't have to sacrifice a generous operating range to creating a comfortable climate even in extreme winter temperatures," adds Lennart Stegland. "The climate unit is programmed to suit the trip. The fuel heater is used when battery capacity is needed for maximum mobility."

"Our uncompromising attitude includes that the C30 Electric must perform as intended when driving, parking and charging in a variety of conditions, from normal to very cold or hot. The Arctic part of Sweden is the perfect place to do sub-zero temperature testing," says Lennart Stegland.

"Our basic view is that the owner of an electric vehicle shouldn't have to sacrifice any of the qualities he or she expects from a luxury car. Our aim is to create innovative solutions that make electric car ownership smooth and easy in all conditions," says Lennart Stegland, Vice President Electric Propulsion Systems at Volvo Car Corporation.

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