Dacia Duster has just crossed the 2 million mark of cars sold in 60 countries. The successful model came on the market in 2010 and had massive success as a 4x4 SUV.

While expensive and advanced models generally characterize the SUV market, Dacia Duster has been thought of and produced differently from day one. With a simple and efficient 4x4 system that was cheap and reliable and a design that signaled robustness, Duster has managed to become its brand. So you're driving Duster - not Dacia

Duster's customers are all different, and it's no secret because they are worldwide. However, here are some facts you did not know:

In Sweden, Dacia introduced the Duster in 2010. Since then, almost 20,000 copies have been sold. 60% of these are four-wheel drives with a diesel engine. Dacia customers in Sweden are also among the most satisfied customers on the market and have topped lists in various customer satisfaction surveys.

In the UK, there are more female buyers than men, meanwhile, Turkey has the youngest buyers with an average age of 42 years. Now the Duster is a tall car that, whether it has four-wheel drive or not, is suitable for off-road driving. So are the customers who have a Duster actual outdoor type? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Duster's customers, including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, are involved in outdoor activity. In fact, 35% of customers say they either hike or bike in their spare time. It is also remarkable that 44% live in rural areas, while only 11% live in cities.

When looking at why customers buy Duster, 56% say it depends on the price, and 20% buy because of the car's design.

While the first generation Duster, which was in production from 2010 to 2017, was a hit - it was still surpassed by Duster version 2.0, which came in 2017. The untrained eye may have had a hard time seeing the difference, as the brief to the designers and engineers was clear. Keep the original DNA and design, but do it even better. And so it was. Inside, the sound level was halved, and outside, the car was made more muscular.

In Romania, Dacia Duster has become a national pride. The police drive Duster, the military drives Duster, and there are Duster ambulances on caterpillars so they can get anywhere.

Duster has also been recognized outside the mother country. Dacia Duster has received 40 awards. Among other things, Dacia Duster has been named the UK's best SUV and best family car in Germany and Belgium. In addition, Dacia Duster has won SUV tests in the Swedish car press and has been praised for being a good winter car. Duster has been manufactured today since 2010 at the Mioveni plant in Romania.

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Dacia Duster has just received a facelift and a new 150 hp engine with EDC gear, so it stays fresh for a few more years while we wait for the brand new Duster. It is built on an entirely new platform and has some standard design features with the concept car that was launched under the name Dacia Bigster. It's the big brother of the Duster, but the design is probably not far from what you'll see in the new Dacia Duster, which is expected to launch in 2024.

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