Thursday, Dacia presented the first images with the Bigster compact SUV. According to Dacia, the Bigster concept is positioned above Duster, it can be equipped with alternative and hybrid propulsion systems, and the interior size is one of the largest in the C segment. Dacia Bigster does not incorporate chrome elements or ornaments with an aluminium look, wanting to be an authentic SUV, and only houses recycled plastic side guards.

It should be mentioned that Renault officials said that the average selling price of Dacia models will increase by 30% due to the new portfolio: Dacia Sandero, Dacia Spring and Dacia Bigster.

The French want to come with bigger and more competitive cars, and in the centre of the Dacia brand will be a new Bigster compact SUV - 4.6 meters long, built on the same technical platform as the new Logan, Sandero and Renault Captur and Clio - CMF B.

Dacia Bigster is a 4.6 meter long SUV model, robust, spacious and perfectly adjusted for outdoor getaways. This SUV prefigures the solution proposed by Dacia for a C-segment vehicle affordable at the price of a model in the lower segment. Bigster concept represents the future evolution of the brand. It is a compact SUV that offers what is essential, invoking the spirit of adventure and bringing an extra modern feeling. Bigster is proving that an affordable SUV can also be very attractive. The Bigster concept combines the values ​​of simplicity, reliability and authenticity particular to the Dacia brand.

The bright Y-shaped signature is also present on the headlights and taillights of the Bigster concept. The bright Y-shaped signature is now wider, emphasizing the rugged look of SUV models.

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On the occasion of the Bigster presentation, the Dacia brand revealed its business approach for the next five years. By creating the new Dacia-Lada business unit, Dacia will increase its performance and competitiveness and will expand its presence on foreign markets and the range of models.

Since 2004, Dacia has sold over 7 million vehicles in 44 countries, many of its models being bestsellers in their segment. In Europe, Dacia Sandero was in recent years the best-selling model to private customers while Duster was the best-selling SUV to the same category of customers.

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