An official of the French car manufacturer said in a meeting with journalists from several countries that Dacia will not become a purely electric brand in the next five years. The high cost of batteries is just one of the reasons.

Renault, the French conglomerate that controls Dacia, has long embraced electrification. For now, however, the electric future of the Dacia brand is uncertain. Still, the new European regulations will force Renault to turn Dacia into an electric brand, eventually.

According to Philippe Brunet, senior vice president of Renault: "Dacia will not be an electric car brand for the next five years." The high price of batteries (which should drop below $ 100 per kWh to be cheap enough for Dacia) and the other factors are just some considerations.

Dacia will be supplied with hybrid technology in the first phase. He thinks that hybrid engines are a suitable compromise with an affordable price and relatively low CO2 emissions. In the second phase, Renault will be able to offer electric vehicles with decent autonomy and at a reasonable price.

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In 2021, Dacia launched the Spring electric car, its first electric vehicle, but its situation is different. Clients can buy it at a relatively low price precisely because it was developed and manufactured on the Chinese market. But, According to Philippe Brunet, this situation will not happen again.

At least for now, all Renault electric cars will be developed and manufactured in France. He said: "We will produce 400,000 electric cars a year, which should be enough". @via Renault France.

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