On Friday, Dacia unveiled its new Jogger automobile, which replaces the Dacia Logan MCV and Dacia Lodgy and can seat up to seven people. It's a combination of a mono-volume, station wagon, and SUV. So far, it's the longest Dacia model.

The company has opted to discontinue diesel engines, as it has done with the new Sandero and Logan. Instead, consumers can select between a new petrol engine with 110 hp and a dual-engine, petrol-LPG, which has 100 hp and low fuel consumption; it is already familiar to us from other Renault cars.

From 2023, the Dacia Jogger will be available with a hybrid engine, the company's first in its history, a 1.6-liter engine that is already offered in various Renault cars.

The Dacia Jogger is the longest vehicle in the Dacia lineup, measuring 4.55 meters in length. The wide diameter wheels, combined with the 200 mm ground clearance, ensure a comfortable ride on any terrain. Furthermore, the large track and the wheels pushed to the outside give an extremely durable and stable look. This daring design is completed by wing protectors, front and rear masks, and modular ceiling bars.

 "We are one step ahead today. After our representative Duster SUV, after the best-selling Sandero model, and Spring, the 100% electric city car, we now have the fourth pillar. We redefine the C-segment family cars with the first truly multi-seat seven-seater model, one that takes the best of SUVs, family cars, and station wagons and offers unparalleled appeal, versatility, space, and safety at an unbeatable price ", said Denis Le Vot, CEO at Dacia.

It should be noted that the Dacia Jogger comes equipped as standard with automatic braking in emergency situations, an active function between 7 and 170 km / h. The Dacia Jogger has blind-spot monitoring, which is active between 30 and 140 km/h. It can even detect motorcycles. Last but not least, Dacia Jogger benefits from a hill-start assistant.

Orders will be taken in thirty countries, mostly in Europe, but also in Turkey and Israel, starting in November 2021. The Dacia Jogger will be available in showrooms in February 2022.

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The new Dacia Jogger, constructed in Mioveni (Romania) on the same lines as the Dacia Duster and Sandero Stepway, will be priced at about 15,000 euros. For his price, you receive Essential equipment. You receive light sensors, an onboard computer with a 3.5-inch monochrome screen behind the wheel, two-speaker radio, Bluetooth, autopilot controls and speed limiter on the steering wheel, an automatic braking system, pressure sensors, six airbags, and a mobile phone holder. @via Dacia.

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