Dacia has released a new concept car with all the hallmarks of a true Dacia. It's minimalistic, but I dig it. The new Dacia Manifesto concept vehicle was made to be put to practical use, and like all Dacias, it features innovative approaches to problems.

The one-of-a-kind Dacia Manifesto concept car was recently shown off in Paris. It's not a car that will be mass-produced anytime soon or regularly spotted on roads and byways. In appearance, it more closely resembles a vehicle transporting astronauts to Mars.

On the other hand, it reveals the design and engineering team's future goals for Dacia and what we may look forward to in future Dacia models. These are also the three defining features of every Dacia.

A Dacia is uncomplicated yet stylish; it is rugged, made for the outdoors, and environmentally astute.

Upon first sight, it's evident that this is a minimalist but stylish concept vehicle. Neither an entrance nor an exit is available, nor is a windscreen. That is to say, and you are simultaneously indoors and outdoors.

Dacia is cheap, easy to use, and efficient. The BYOD movement has made it feasible to incorporate a smartphone into the dashboard fully. Numerous Dacias have demonstrated the technology, and it will continue to advance.

Moving on to things that can be added or installed later, the vehicle has a variety of optional extras that are simple to install after the fact. One of the Dacia Manifesto's unique features is a headlight that can be taken off and used as a portable light.

Even in its most modern forms, Dacia is undeniably a no-frills, reliable automobile. The Dacia Duster, the Dacia Jogger, and the Dacia Sandero Stepway are all worthwhile off-roading options because of their simple and dependable technology and higher ground clearance. That said, the Dacia Manifesto goes much further.

The Dacia Manifesto was obviously designed for the roughest terrain, so it boasts four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and other off-roading goodies. After that, it's also ready to be put to use and maintained indoors. Indeed, it's safe to flush the interior of the car. If you take off the seat coverings, you can use them as sleeping bags. More than that, the Manifesto has a detachable battery that can be used to run tent lights, a grill, etc.

Dacia's final phase is called Eco Smart, and it's all about the company's goal of making automobiles with a light impact on the environment.

Since Dacia Manifesto is small and lightweight, it requires less power to get going. It's not a new idea. For example, the new Dacia Jogger saves gas even though it has a smaller engine because it weighs about 300 kg less than similar 7-seaters.

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Unlike the Dacia Jogger, constructed of standard metal and aluminum, the Dacia Manifesto is fashioned partly from recyclable plastic. It's not just the wheels; the tires are an attraction in and of themselves. They have no air, so they can't get punctured and should last the entire vehicle's lifetime.

David Durand, director of design at Dacia, puts it this way. "Dacia's goal is to reflect reality as closely as possible. Sometimes it's helpful to understand how our ideas will look in 2D or even 1D form. The Dacia Manifesto is not only a product of design but also represents our vision and incorporates numerous innovations. Even the most severe will still have to pay for our clients. Some of the ideas presented in the Manifesto will make it into Dacia's next generation of vehicles."

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