Dacia has decided to expand its portfolio of cars offered in a region of Europe where the chances of success are slim to nonexistent. Even so, owning one is still beyond the average person's reach. In the Nordic countries, most people turn to two types of cars, electric or incredibly safe. Whether you are in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark, this is the case. According to EuroNCAP tests, Dacia has never been excellent in safety. However, this does not mean that Dacia is reluctant to launch the new Dacia Jogger in Sweden.

Dacia has expanded its portfolio of cars offered in Sweden. Until now, it was only Dacia Duster and Dacia Sandero, and now you can buy Dacia Jogger. The question is whether you would like to do such a thing in a country dominated by Volvo, the safest car globally, and top electric cars, Tesla, Mercedes, or Volkswagen.

However, Dacia Jogger has a significant advantage, especially since it tries to calculate the perfect average between a station wagon, SUV, and minivan with compact dimensions. In Sweden, the price of a Dacia Jogger starts at about 15,000 euros. This is an excellent price if you consider it can be ordered even with seven seats.

Nevertheless, from the first comments posted on the Internet by the Swedes, they are not very happy with the prospect of investing in a Dacia. "You can find a perfect used car for 15,000 euros; you don't need to order it," said a reader of the publication who announced the news of Jogger's launch. On the other hand, the replies to that comment were not long in coming. "Maybe you want to look at the second-hand car market. Prices are skyrocketing right now ", writes someone else.

"And what is the EuroNCAP score? Dacia is not too far ahead when it comes to safety ", someone insists, although Dacia Jogger has not been tested yet. However, the chances are that the performance will be similar to that recorded by Dacia Sandero are very slim.

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