A brand new logo and new colours announce a new Dacia. The new design emphasizes the brand's focus on authenticity, integrity and robustness.

When the CEO of Dacia, Denis Le Vot, unveiled the upcoming C-segment car from Dacia called the Dacia Bigster, it was at the same time the start of a new chapter in Dacia history. Not only is the brand now a completely independent business unit, but it is also a brand that is in the process of redefining itself. And the most visible way to do this is by launching a new logo and new colours. Gone are the blue colour and the round letters. Gray and green have come into play and the logo is now angular and robust.

Dacia is still true to the original idea of ​​value for money and reliable cars without so many flourishes, but new values ​​such as robust, simple and authentic have been added. In other terms, less is more when talking about Dacia.

The renewal of Dacia's logo is both about the whole name, but also about the new emblem, which connects D and C in a very special way. The new logo has a strong visual expression and is completely on its own. It is simple and easy to identify, and in that way also reflects the cars.

The blue colours are now a thing of the past; instead, the colour palette is built around khaki-green that a strong reference to the outdoor image that, among other things, Dacia Duster expresses. In addition to the khaki green, you will also see terracotta and sand colour. It's all about natural colours.

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The new visual identity will begin to expand across all the various news channels such as advertisements and online websites, while the Dacia sellers will shift to the new visual identity in early 2022. The new logo will be visible on the Dacia cars from the last half of 2022.

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