The third generation of Dacia Sandero and Dacia Sandero Stepway represents a leap in design and technology and offers simple, spacious and robust cars at the best price on the market. A total of 6.5 million Dacia cars have been produced and last year no less than 737,000 cars were sold. With new LED lights with a distinct Y-signature, the Dacia car gets its own strong identity.

Renault-Dacia has sold 2.1 million Dacia Sandero units, representing 32% of Dacia's sales since 2004 until now and has been the best-selling car to individual customers in Europe since 2017. Also, Dacia Sandero Stepway accounts for 65% of Sandero sales with more than 1.3 million cars sold.

The new Renault-Dacia Sandero has become 19 mm longer, 21 mm wider and 20 mm lower than the previous generation. This means that inside the car there is 42 mm more knee space in the rear seats and that there is room for 8 litres more in the luggage compartment, which now holds 328 litres.

The roof arches on Dacia Sandero Stepway can be transformed into a functional roof rack with a load capacity of 80 kilos. The wheel can be adjusted both in-depth and in-height. The seats are completely new and provide much better support than before with significantly better ergonomics. Dacia also offers a completely new media system, which allows the driver to control radio/streaming and navigation.

Thanks to the CMF platform, which is now also being introduced at Dacia, the active and passive safety systems of the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway has been significantly improved. The CMF platform is stiffer and six airbags are standard and a wide range of safety systems like AEBS (Advanced Emergency Breaking), blind-spot warning system and eCall system.


Dacia Sandero from 11,575 euros.

Dacia Sandero Stepway from 12,566 euros.

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The launch of Dacia Sandero and Dacia Sandero Stepway will take place this month. The pre-orders are now open.

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