The "What Car?" Electric Car Awards 2022 awarded the new Fiat 500e with the title of "best small electric car." The judges praised the electric vehicle for its upbeat performance, low price, and iconic design.

«I would like to thank the prestigious What Car? for this recognition,» said Oliver Francois, FIAT CEO and Stellantis Global CMO. Recognizing for the second year in a row makes us even more proud and significant, especially given the constant introduction of new models and cutting-edge technologies in the electric vehicle market. Nonetheless, the Fiat 500e's success and prestigious title were confirmed.

The Fiat 500e palmarès includes 33 international awards from the public and industry experts in nine countries. A success backed up by outstanding sales figures: in just two years, it was chosen by over 100,000 customers worldwide; it is the best-selling electric vehicle in Italy and Germany, and it ranks high in France and Europe. As a result, the new Fiat 500e electric car will soon arrive in the United States, continuing its global journey outside Europe after visiting the Middle East, Brazil, and Japan.

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"The new Fiat 500e eliminates the idea that a small electric car has to look mundane or have a humble feel," said Steve Huntingford, Editor of What Car? Furthermore, it is reasonably priced, and no competitor can handle city traffic, leaving the driver smiling. In a nutshell, this car embodies everything expected of a modern mode of urban transportation.

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