Exterior design - 60mm wider flanks and air release system, new F1 front spoiler, rear air diffuser, central exhaust system, exclusive colors like Orange Tonic and Sirius Yellow ... Equipped with 18 or 19 inches rims and RS headlights Vision, The New MEGANE R.S. invites you to action.

Interior design - Inspired by the world of motorsports, upholstered ceiling with black material and red accents: perfectly matched to its sporty character. Seats offer optimum support, and the custom paddles and aluminum pedal block instantly translate into a sporting world.

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Technology - Equipped with 4CONTROL technology as standard - exclusive to this segment - four hydraulic shock absorbers and two chassis shock absorbers, the new 2018 MEGANE R.S. exceeds any expectations without compromise. Combined with a manual gearbox or dual-clutch EDC, the new 1.8L, 280 hp and 390 Nm turbo engines will surely give you a memorable experience.

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