Packing a car can be a challenging task, more so if you are a beginner. The problem could be that the parking lot space is not accommodative enough. Parking lots have three types of parking spaces: angled, parallel and perpendicular, and you should master how to park in all of them. You might need to get trained first before you become an expert. But if you already a pro at it and is looking for somewhere to prove your competency, try out Denver Valet jobs.

If you want to be a car parking pro, continue reading to know the tips you can use. Let's start!

Ensure You Take the Correct Position

Ensure that you approach the perpendicular parking lot at a safe distance from other cars parked in the lot. Depending on the lot you are in, the parking space might be either left or right. Keep a minimum distance of eight feet from other parked vehicles in the lot on either your passenger's or driver's side.

Also, ensure that you leave an eight-foot distance from your car any unoccupied parking space next to your car. While at it, ensure that you park your car at a designated position: do not eat into another person's parking space.

Ensure Your Signal Light Is On

Turn on your signal light to let other drivers know your intention to park in the parking lot. While at it, be on the lookout for other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and any other obstructions. Keep driving forward until your car's bumper passes the rear light of other vehicles near the parking space.

Ensure You Steer the Wheel

As your car's front bumper crosses the backlight of the vehicle parked next to yours, steer your wheel. Steer your wheel shapely if necessary. While at it, continue driving forward and pull into the spot; however, ensure lookout for any shopping carts or objects on the way.

Continue moving forward until the back of your vehicle is in a spot and its front is facing the space. To achieve this, align your side mirror with those of the cars packed adjacent to yours. Ensure that your vehicle's backside is not protruding from the parking spot and its front bumper is not in the front spot.

Ensure You Align Your Wheels

Once you have positioned your car well in the parking space, do not forget to straighten the wheels. It is not a must to straighten the wheels, though; you can leave them that way; however, when leaving the parking spot, straighten them before reversing. You can ram into other parked cars in the lot if your fail to straighten them while reversing.

Parking a car is not hard. You have to be keen while at it. When parking, ensure that your car is in the correct position, then turn your signal lights on to tell people around you of your intent to park. After that, steer your wheel in the right direction and align them once you have correctly parked the car.

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