Mitsubishi introduced the facelifted and updated Mitsubishi Space Star to the European market. As a result, the little Japanese car can boast of being Europe's one of the cheapest 5-seater cars with a starting price of almost 15,999 euros. The updated Mitsubishi Space Star is the first of three new Mitsubishi models for 2022 and 2023. Furthermore, in the spring of 2023 arrives, a brand new version of the popular Mitsubishi ASX mini-SUV; in the fall of 2023, the Mitsubishi car range will be further expanded with the new Mitsubishi Colt. By that time, Mitsubishi will have four cars in the model range.

The new Mitsubishi Space Star comes with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 71 hp and is available in five equipment variants with either manual or automatic transmission. Prices start from 15,999 euros for an INFORM model and end at 20,800 euros for the top model, Mitsubishi Space Star INTENSE.

The Mitsubishi Space Star is a big little car, and with three headrests and three seat belts in the back seat can call itself a five-seater car. However, it has become longer compared to its predecessor, and along with a taller cabin than many similar cars, the Mitsubishi Space Star is spacious, considering its size.

The Mitsubishi Space Star has been enhanced in the interior. In addition to better-upholstered seats for the sake of comfort, you now have the option of a 7-inch digital touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, rear camera, 15-inch alloy wheels, and electric windows front and rear.

Mitsubishi is known for building solid cars, and here the Mitsubishi Space Star is no exception. The doors are heavy and reliable, and the car bears the well-known Japanese assembly quality stamp. However, despite this and the updated features of the vehicle, it weighs only between 865 and 910 kilos, depending on the equipment variant.

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Sebastian Vogt, Head of Sales and Aftermarket at Mitsubishi Denmark, is looking forward:

"We are looking forward to the Mitsubishi Space Star coming. We think that we have priced it sharply as one of the cheapest 5-seater cars. Moreover, the Mitsubishi Space Star is, for its segment, a large car that is solidly built and has Mitsubishi's well-known five-year warranty. Together, it ensures the customer a strong combination of a lot of car for the money, reliability and extra security for the first five years, so that the owner becomes as safe and predictable as possible".

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