Despite significant challenges, Renault managed to sell 552,000 cars in the first quarter of 2022. "Value rather than volume" is at the heart of the Renaulution strategy that Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group. And this strategy has proved useful.

Thus, the share of sales to individuals, which is one of the most profitable sales channels, in the five largest European markets (France, England, Germany, Spain, and Italy) - increased from 54% in the first quarter of 2021 to now 69% in the first quarter 2022. At the same time, the order book is full - the highest number in the last 15 years.

Behind the impressive numbers is the success of many of the new products. Thus, 9000 orders were signed per month in the first quarter on the Renault Arkana - of which 60% is the hybrid version and the highest level of equipment. Renault Megane E-Tech Electric also promises to be a solid success with 10,000 orders in two months - with 70% of sales at the highest equipment level, which provides better earnings per car.

Overall, sales of Renault's E-Tech lineup have picked up speed. The Renault E-Tech versions, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric cars, now account for 36% of total sales, which is 13% points up compared to the same time in 2021.

If you look in the direction of Dacia, it is pretty clear that the new products added in 2021 have strengthened the positive trend to that extent. Dacia Sandero continues to be the private car's favorite car in Europe, while the facelifted Dacia Duster rounded 2 million sold copies in the first quarter and only "still goes strong."

Dacia Spring - the first electric car from Dacia - also continues the good pace. The orders for the first quarter are 20,500 pieces, and the Dacia Spring electric car is now the second best-selling electric car in France. And as the last shot at the trunk, there's the new Dacia Jogger, which has already been ordered in 36,500 copies in the last four months. As much as 70% is ordered in the highest equipment variant.

Alpine - Renault Group's sports car brand is also experiencing significant progress. As much as 67% compared to the previous year.

Despite the upbeat pace, the semiconductor crisis has inevitably left its negative fingerprint on Q1 results. Compared to the first quarter of 2021, car sales fell by 17.1%, just as profits fell by 2.7% in the first quarter. But that does not shake the optimism of the Renault Group.

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"Value creation is the heart of Renault's strategy - and it can be seen in the first quarter of 2022. Our sales in the most profitable sales channels are growing. At the same time, our E-Tech lineup is becoming more and more successful, and the order book is historically full. Renault Group continues to implement its clear strategy in a market to such an extent affected by the war in Ukraine, the semiconductor crisis, and inflation."

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